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Sim... E não é pornografia, é CANIBALISMO mesmo!

Se você sabe inglês, não me faça traduzir, ok? Apenas leia, e reflita! Será que as "EMAs" são memso 'gostosas"? O.o

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Yuri Mozhnov, Maxim Golovatskikh: Gothic Men accused of killing,
cannibalising 16-year-old girlfriend in Russia

A 19-year old girl in Russia has been murdered by her friends, and
that some of her remains were eaten, allege St. Petersburg police.

Yuri Mozhnov and Maxim Golovatskikh, both 19, were arrested for
murder, according to the Russian news web site Fontanka.ru

The alleged killers apparently befriended the teen in the Kirov
district of St. Petersberg. She was allegedly drowned by the pair in a
bathtub, cut her into pieces, cooked and ate some of her body parts,
before the rest of her remains were dumped in plastic bags at various
locations across the city.

The newspaper also reported that the murder accored at an apartment
rented by a group of people involved in the Goth culture, but the
victim was apparently considered an "Emo", which had been the cause of
some conflict.

"The arrestees said they ate the girl's body parts because they were
hungry," city prosecutor's spokesman Sergei Kapitonov said

Even more bizarrely, the spokesperson said that the men had told
investigators they baked some body parts with potatoes.

The girl was first reported missing on January 19th, with her parents
reporting that she had "gone for a walk with friends and never

The "friends" were confirmed as the suspects, it was also reported.
They appeared to have killed her that night.

Yuri Mozhnov was reported as being a florist, while the other accused
Maxim Golovatskikh, a street-market butcher and one-time psychiatric

Via: Fontanka.ru



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