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Help Glastonbury Festival create a green and clean festival. We are a funky alternative walkabout in the heart of the festival. We are fun, creative and carry a very important message: We stop people urinating in the water and hedgerows. We make sure people dispose of their fag butts correctly. We encourage litter picking, recycling and better waste management. We do this by telling festival goers face to face and showing them “the rules” of the festival using humour, sexiness - and accurate information. By giving out green bags, festival rules leaflets and encouraging litter picking we leave a legacy of important information regarding festival etiquette. So issues like wildlife protection and respect for the earth can be learnt, and will create a win-win scenario for everyone who attends.

Don't Forget to be nice, and be good! The New Green Police is here to help you out, and you have to help the new green police too! That's the best part of being human! They are human, so do you!Let's make some diffrence to help our own world!

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